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About us

  • P & T PIPINGS & TECHNOLOGIES Srl, while being very young in the field of metal engineering, is a remarkable strength, experience, expertise and professionalism that has been developed over the years by the group that makes it a guarantee of the Company's reliability and reliability.

More than thirty-years of experience has matured by collaborating with leading engineering and mechanical engineering companies, which have implemented high-complexity projects throughout the country, of which we cite the main:

  • Filippo Fochi S.p.A. (BO)
  • Peyrani S.p.A. (TO)
  • Soimi S.p.A. (MI)
  • Gruppo Gallo (NA)
  • Soico S.p.A. (VE)
  • Fincimec Spa (MI)
  • Cover Engineering S.R.L. (VB)
  • Palumbo S.p.A. (NA)
  • Consorzio SPI (NA)
  • Gruppo Paliotto (NA)
  • General Construction Spa (NA)
  • Mac Impianti S.R.L.(VB)
  • Edilgen S.p.A. (NA)
  • I.CO.M. S.R.L.(CA)
  • Sitverba S.R.L. (VB)
  • Aps Ecosystems(MB)
  • LTN SRL (NA) 

Pipings and Technologies Srl

Pipings and Technologies Srl - P&T PIPINGS & TECHNOLOGIES Srl

Pipings and Technologies Srl is specialized in the prefabrication, assembly and maintenance of Metallic Carpentry and Piping of Petrochemical Plants, Steel, Naval, Paper, Pipeline (Pipelines, Oil Pipelines, Pipelines), Offshore Platforms, Refineries, Steelworks, Thermoelectric Power Plants Hydroelectric power plants.

Our team of professionals know the value of teamwork and continuous training through the most advanced technologies and cutting-edge methods we are able to meet all your needs in the field of piping and metal structural work, mechanical assembly and plant components industries related to the sectors:

  • Petrochemical;
  • Steel;
  • Thermoelectric power plants;
  • Biomass plants;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Paperwork;
  • Purification;
  • Food;


Contact us by email :

By phone: +39 081-18546108;

By Fax: +39 081-18546100

or visit our office directly to plan a customized service tailored to your needs.

Where we are


The P&T PIPINGS & TECHNOLOGIES Srl the expectation is to provide safety, quality, and integrity as part of all our solutions to your needs. 

Our experienced can assist in providing a competitive quotation for the products you need.

Contact us today with a quote and find out how we can help you.

We are in Giosuè Carducci street 29 - 80026 Casoria (Naples) - Italy

You can find us by the map on the site.  Click on the map and you find where we are.  

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Present your job/work/qualifications description - Specific request - P&T PIPINGS & TECHNOLOGIES Srl

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